Taggart Transdimensional

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Taggart Transdimensional

Bearing the Light of Capitalism into the Darkness of Eve

The mission of Taggart Transdimensional is to build a corporation based on a pure meritocracy, which views humans as heroic beings, with their own happiness as the moral purpose of their lives, with productive achievement as their noblest activity, and reason as their only absolute.

Emerging from Caldari space in the earliest ages of Eve, Taggart strives to bring its vision of individual achievement, personal freedom, and unbridled Capitalism to every corner of the Universe. The engine of Taggart industry never rests, pursuing profit across the stars. The weapons of Taggart are never silent in the battle to expunge the dark stain of Collectivism from every corner of space. Only when man rises on his own merits, instead of the backs of others, will humanity find true peace and success.

Taggart is currently focusing its efforts on wormhole space.  Wormhole space is an area of uncharted space released in the EVE expansion "Apocrypha".  In wormhole space there are no fixed gates or NPC stations, and although it is 0.0 or "nullsec" space, sovereignity cannot be formally claimed by any player corporations.  The entrances and exits are constantly changing and one must rely on one's friends to survive and profit.  All of the building blocks for the Technology Level 3 Strategic Cruisers are found within wormhole space and the rewards for being an innovator in this field are great.  Wormhole space is an enviroment which fosters teamwork in any rationally self-interested individual and Taggart has made it a top value and target for our exapansion and development.  In wormhole space there are opportunities for wide-eyed newbie and battle-scarred veteran alike.

Taggart's Mission Statement:

Taggart Transdimensional is an old corporation - in fact, one of the first ten corporations in EVE. But the new leadership is ambitious. We’re looking to reclaim some of our former glory and expand the corporation and its goals to exist at the bleeding edge of EVE. We want motivated new members and aspiring leaders to help us grow the corporation. At the moment, we’re looking for active combat pilots and industrialists. However anyone with passion and drive willing to push themselves and our corporation forward is welcome. Our corporate governance is based on reason and capitalism. We’re a meritocracy built out of individuals, united for a common goal, held together by a desire for fun, profit, and companionship.

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